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Experience seamless, specialized legal support with LPO365. Our services are designed to be both cost-effective and highly efficient, ensuring your business always has access to top-tier legal expertise.

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Quick and consistent access to any updates relevant to your business processes.

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Scale your workload without waiting for a new employee.

A Powerful Service to Streamline Your Business Operations

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Update your Business Documents

Receive ongoing reviews of your critical business documents - commercial contracts, company bylaws, employment agreements, and confidentiality agreements - ensuring compliance with the latest national legislation and EU Directives.

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Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your organization maintains complete compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, guidelines, and specifications applicable to your business processes.

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Optimize Your Dispute Resolution

Develop strategies, receive legal support, and monitor all stages of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Claims, Litigation, Execution, and Insolvency processes.

A Powerful Platform for Everyday Use to Manage Your Legal Workflow


Optimized Costs

Reduce the high costs of dedicated internal legal resources with LPO365. Our local professionals help you streamline, standardize, and optimize your processes and services efficiently.


Customized Solution

Our commitment is to provide clear and understandable legal assistance. If any aspect of your options is unclear, just ask, and we will ensure you receive an explanation that suits your needs.


Scale Platform

Tap into our advanced legal platform for real-time answers. We aim to tackle major business challenges through high-performance data processing.


Increase Your Performance and Optimize Costs

Stay focused on your business while we develop legal perspectives and options tailored to your processes.

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The first step is for us to collaborate with you to create a plan that meets your goals. By combining our legal expertise with your understanding of the circumstances, we will craft a clear and effective path to success.

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87 euro per hour and 8% Success fee, Weekly Legal Newsletter and Annual Legal Audit, Member Exclusive Benefits.



57 euro per hour and 5% Success fee, 5h monthly prepaid, Weekly Legal Newsletter and Annual Legal Audit, Member Exclusive Benefits.

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